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Carl Barron – International Comedy Superstar

I am writing to throw my support behind Her Majesty’s Theatre in Ballarat. I have been coming to the theatre since my first tour of Victoria back in 2000.

It is one of my favourite Grand Victorian Theatres in the country. It has that old Historic feeling to it which many new theatres simply cannot replicate. The venue is always on my radar when planning my tours and I always look forward to performing there every time. It invokes a certain spirit that very few Theatres can generate which is why I chose to film my second DVD there ‘’Whatever Comes Next’.

On my last visit to Ballarat, I performed three sell-out shows at the venue taking my total to now 10 performances there.

Traditional things are slowly slipping past us and it’s important to Ballarat and the surrounding community that we don’t let this one go. – I fear if the people of Ballarat lose their Theatre then they‘ll lose performers like myself as well.


Kind Regards

Carl Barron