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Artie Laing  – A-List Entertainment

I am writing to throw my support behind the Her Majesty’s Theatre in Ballarat. Since I joined the Entertainment industry through my father’s business some 25 years ago, I have been promiting comedy events through the venue.

We’ve presented almost every top line touring comedian at the venue over the years including: Carl Barron, Jimeoin, Arj Barker, Ross Noble, Kitty Flanagan, Danny Bhoy, The Umbilical Brothers, and Akmal. My father used the venue for acts such as Slim Dusty, Kasey Chambers, and Eric Bogle.

It is always one of the Artists and my favourite theatre venues to play in the country. Its Grand Victorian design lends itself to be one of the most sought after stops on any tour by our comedians.

Not only should the theatre be saved, funding should be granted to ensure the theatre lives on well beyond our lifetimes.

Traditional things are slowly slipping past us and it is important to Ballarat and the surrounding communities that we don’t let this one go. I fear if the people of Ballarat lose their Theatre then they’ll lose performers like these names above as well.


Artie Laing
A-List Entertainment